What an evening I've had it was so weird, My positive thought's totally out weighed my negaitive's SO there was absolutely NO reason not to break off my relationship with my computer, have a break from online games & go out and socialize with other's who shared a common interest in poker. Will I go again?. The answer is yes... So I started thinking yesterday about the local WPT League in Australia and was looking at where these events would be taking place close to me so I thought to go to my old stomping ground. This was a Texas Hold em event that started at 7pm with 5 nine seater tables. Play money of course but still.

There was no time for detours but I did & got a stiff drink because my arms were tingling & my hands were shaking they already started but was all good.  Comming back I had to find my voice & register before sitting at a table of choice, Don't know where I got the nerve & don't ask me why I was thinking of genders but I thought of people's stacks & they all pretty much were stacked nicely so all that thinking went out the window. I was blinded but quite observant of myself & tells & the regulars took note of new arrivals so I wonder if they used this against me straight up being agressive, donking & bluffing hand strengths which was good play on their play. Through out I kept telling myself to look up - look around at your players but no I couldn't do it, I just made some quick glances. There was 2 guys that knew how to shuffle chips fast & that was my biggest tell that they got a lot of knowledge, patience & experience.. 

So off I went, the atmosphere was great everyone seemed down to earth someone's music was playing a guy on the other table was comfy with his jug of beer on the floor lol, I decided to sit at a table with one lady smack in the middle omg i was like this fragile little fishy amongst the sharks it was quite ammusing. Of all the video's I've watched, never did I pay attention to how the dealer deals the cards & the nerves made me fumble & drop the new slippery cards omg I do know how to shuffle & split it..  hahaha tragic moment there.

The blinds were quickly rising I was tight but not agressive with continuation bets during 2 best hands (a straight J high & a full-house) winning upto 30k. What I really apreciated was everyone's patience, guidance and feedback to do with everything in general on the table because evidently I was nervous.

Back to the game I was moved to a loud table with a happy drunk who I heard had been quite lucky with the river Blinds were 5k - 6k (Totally different) I can't remember our positions everyone folded to his raise of 20k and I called. I had Qh,8h the villian had 9c,9d. The flop was Kh,Qd,9h, the turn was 9s,3h & Boom he pushed all-in, alarm bells should of been ringing but i thought otherwise & called chasing a flush draw and I busted out 9:22pm with 14ppl left. Haha looks did kill me tonight but I had a blast........