Inner conflicts are the only thing that can hold you back from what you want to accomplish.

If only I was aware of what I felt or how to conquer that pain in my life I continued to think I couold reach out to others. I needed to reach out to myself. There is no conquering, there is only realizing what is holding you back today, and only you can overcome this by embracing and becoming aware of those limiting beliefs.

Know why you want this outcome. I wanted this outcome because it was an escape from my circumstances and a addictive form of significance. That the final step is massive action and immersion. You must find the tools, teachers, and peer groups that will propel you to get your goal. Certainty, as I have explained, is clearly the most important of these success steps and without it you will never succeed.

Here I sit being vulnerable, yet very honest an emotional, everything poker is not. I will always love poker but have realized my new loves as well. Loves based on new beliefs, empowering true certainties. These new loves dilate my pupils,obsess my mind, and craete a sense of hunger and meaning that drove me to write these words and share with you my human experience.

New highs that drugs, alcohol, and escapes can not give you. I love to learn. I especially have been driven to learn aspects that improve my health, state of mind, and awareness on the invisible forces that guide our everyday lives. Thos things that control who we are, how we feel, and how to get to where we are going. To conquer and embrace, face and challenge yourself in these areas is an absolute direct line to growing. Grow or die. If you are in life and constantly expanding you will be happy as long as you embrace and face the pain.

That is the toughest part and I'll tell you it took the most painful experience in my life to truly say, "f*%#@ it". I told myself I was done experiencing those limiting beliefs and certainties that had caused me loss of control over my own thoughts, emotions, and directions. Those experiences also caused loss of money, important people, important ideas I valued, and most of all loss of my self identity.

The best coaching, the best relationship, the best success can never get you what you want whether it be financial, life, spiritual, or relationship success. The greatest motivator and person most able to help you is yourself. This is a very simple concept, and knowing this fact you can achieve anything you ever are certain you will achieve. Life will never be the same.