Some people need to step down from their pedestal  & stop belittling towards others. On here everyone has the right to express their issues about their own  individual poker experiences regarding bad beats to tilting....  Not everybody is on the same learning level and need to tread easy showing some respect.

Before joining PSO I was on a roll until I came to a complete halt going through tilt. I need to see more visual information than written theory. During my studies I was experiencing more shifts in varience through my games with different hands that I've re-viewed. In 1 sitting tourney with 45 players I've folded hands and missed so many sets it's not funny. It's ''never'' happened before and noticing it's frequently happening. I don't know why so don't beat me around the bush please.

Absorbing knowledge taken out of context is 1 thing applying it is another. Obviously I am looking for a deeper understanding towards tilt and shifts with variance and equity in play that's drawn to my attention... Does this make sense to you!. Drop me a line if it does please.


Thank You