To start off it was 10/20 Blinds started $1,500. First hand JJ UTG. I bet 80 got called, the B bet $189 on the flop & I folded & saw flop my set on the turn so that was costly.


15/30 UTG with Kh,Qh. CO was the dominate player on the table continue raising to all-in I won a straight on a river 10s,4s,Jd,9c brought me upto $2,700.

25/50 On the B with J's CO2 had 7's raised150, CO1 called, I raised 250 re-raised pre-flop $250, SB/BL folded, MP all-in 50 holding 5h,4h. Flop came 2s,Ad,3h. CO2 raises 2500, CO1 folded, so I thought what the hell & went all-in. MP had a 94.1%, CO2 2.4% & myself with 3.4% on the flop. OMG I thought it was over. MP had 85.7% on the river & raked in $325 & I won $5,615. Things were looking up.

50/100 Oh This hand I once too often find myself calling & getting snagged on the river. BB had 10s,2h, I had 4's UTG, so he calls right through to the river & raises with his set of 2's.  Flop was 8c,2c,3d,9h,2d. Lost the pot. Not to much happened.

75/150 I held 2's BB and missed out on a good pot of $2,575. I folded to a raise from late position of $725, CO1 called with 10d,Ah, LP had Kc,Ac with an 89.8% on the flop. The river was 2s,3c,2c,4d. I was spewing....

75/150. I had J's on the B, MP had KK, CO2 had As, Kd. I was down to $2,928 with over 15BB, SBunder 6BB & we were all-in. The flop was 9c,5s,8s,2d,8h & I won back $3,928. Can't remember how much MP won back. Than I move upto $6,856. I was on the BB with 6c,9c, against the B with 4s,3d whom I kept raising against & checked the river when an A fell. He went all-in bluffing & I took down that pot with a pair of 9's.

So by now I was shifted to another table blinds were @ 125/250. One player had 30+BB, I had 40BB & the rest had well over 60+BB and 2 players with 1&2BB sitting out. Comming back from a break it was time to apply some pressure were I could hopefully feeling all giddy.

OMG this was the time players could re-load 2500, which was a real bummer.

I125/250 with an anti 25. I had $6,856 60+BB. I folded in LP holding Ah,Jh against CO who raised $625. I did'nt want to invest any chips, but that player could of held anything.

I was UTG with Kh,As with 73.7% on the flop with $6,181. Against 2nd chip leader on the table with 9d,As. He/she had $12,023 with a 26% chance on the flop. Everyone else folded. The river was 8s,8c,6d,9h,7h. He/she won the pot with pocket 9's.

BUSTING ME OUT 181st. I got some more tickets up my sleeve, so maybe next time I'll bust out 180th position....... I played better this morning considering I pulled an all-nighter...  . I'm so glad the %'s show cause I still don't get that, but I do in a way.