I was so tired and I missed my training class. I rightfully won 4k against another player everyone else was sitting out. I was getting sick of him/her taking the pots all the time so I busted em out. Than I won a further 8k only because everyone was sitting out and that's happened before. Of course I was happy to get ahead and catch up & was in top 10 for a while. The Q was could I maintain my stack and position!, NOT A CHANCE but have no idea what the outcome would of been if everyone was playing, but still I feel cheated. I managed to get upto 42k than I was mad because I was descending down hill getting hit with trash hands 1 after the next. I was feeling real sick & spat the dummy. Amidst all that drama I did add 30cents to my bankroll & now have 84cents. It's been a long time since adding to my collection. Just going through my replays and analysing the way I played was terrible. I can't complain the other players were playing good and deserved to be where they are rightfully.