Sometimes I wonder why I don't give up playing cards & really cut down!. Not that I class myself a good player but I'm ok.  I've found it's frustrating and play my worst when I'm over tired & cutting down from the caffine, doing an all-nighter/s on the weekends & getting ready to settle down for work & more study. Call it a destructive obsession of mine alone.


 When my bankroll is very low, and I've come 2a dead end I'm really wondering what buy-in amount I should be looking @ for the level in which I'm at and I guess that's my mistake in thinking just because I've learnt something new my range would be upto $5,000 in tournaments & $1,000 in sit'n'go or any ring table game. I do remember reading a Blog about that. I'm @ the bottom so I want to know what's my range??.

I was thinking how boring it was studying but I enjoy watching the video's when I do. I am thinking about a wide range of hands you could play in any position & wondering what video's I can watch 2c the starting of betting patterns on a table that has no Anti's or raising Blinds to build a pot.  Royla Raiser did a good job building a pot & took it down without a showdown because he/she could of been skilled @ building a pot when bluffing with nothing lol. I remember being told I fold too much.

Over time day in day out grinding the tables, continously making choices about betting, bluffing, raising and folding against new oppersition and taking into account peoples advice or comments & turning that into a positive note other than being negative towards myself. I much appreciate and take on board. Thinking back when I joined the Cash Clash, I've realised I am too aggressive in play (maybe it was excitement that often gets me especially when Head-Up) without thinking of other hand types that connect with the board because I'm paying attention to the bets my opponants make & fall in to deep with my stack to the point of an all-in and being trapped enind my game.

  I'll never stop trying to get in the bubble & win a place or ticket. At present I'm grinding the tables to build my bankroll yet again but I'ts obvious I'm not choosing the right tournaments or tables, my bankrolls getting no-where fast. I know I'll get there one day.

omg I'm really choking on my own words now.. 2T