Ok excluding the differences between tourney's, Sit'n'Go tourney's to your general ring table games in Hold 'em. I'm just thinking about the hand types you play. I've really noticed a change in equity if u call it that with trash hands  you normally would fold. Like 10, 5o for example. I don't know.

I have missed a few hands when seeing the rivers in tournaments throughout my games & am seeing to many rivers with trash hands I've folded that end up being the winning hands in general games. I have no idea how I'm going to grasp a hold of this cause it's causing me to tilt...

I came across an answer whilst studying the CASH GAME COURSE..... .........................................(CALCULAT ING POT ODDS).  Maths and English were not my strong subjects as you can see. An bobs your uncle, figurably speaking.

Upon ''reading'' the course in Pot Odds & Calculating I realised that if the odds are in your favour you may still lose your hand with any playing hand in general.