Okay, so yesturday after coming in 45th place in the PSO tournament I was a little skepticle and chalked it up to luck, but today, I took 14th out of 1499 people, so I think I can say that PSO truly has helped me improve my game. Comparing my stats to how I used to instinctively play, I was seeing the flop about 80% of the time, my mindset was "you can't win if you don't play" - boy how wrong I was! After today, playing the tightest and most aggressive I ever have, I only saw the flop an average of about 24% of the time - big difference! Another of my flaws that I've discovered is when my chips get low, I tend to start giving up, but I stuck with it and pulled through, this morning in the beginning of the tourney I got down to $400 and was playing really loose and stupid, I just told myself to tighten up my game and play as if I still had the 1500, and you know what, I pulled through, at one point I was in the lead with 300,000, so don't give up just because your on a bad streak, you can always always always make a come back, this truly is anyones game so long as you play your cards right :wink: I never knew poker could be so much fun, I will continue to post my efforts here, hopefully tomorrow I can make it 3 out of 3! see you folks at the tables