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Before I get into it I just want to say I was very happy with all the comments I got on the last post, thanks to all that commented .

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So I have been starting out my sessions with 2NL and if everything feels good then moving up to 5NL.  This has felt pretty good to me. But, the downswing continues. Here is an overall graph:

I have not put in a bunch more volume since the last blog cause I even went down to playing 1 Zoom table for some sessions, so volume is going to be slow for awhile.

Im really frustraited with how things have gone, 


Guess I should have folded right? I mean what a strong shove he makes on the river, everyone can see he must have quads.    

Starting bankroll: $106.57
Hands Played: 33,525
BB/100: -0.48
Cash game profit: -$49.00
Stellar Rewards: $0
Cashed FPP's: $0
Total Profit: -$49.00
Current Bankroll: $56.14

So someone had asked about what my stats look like, Im playing VPIP: 27% and PFR: 21.5.  I know you guys are going to tell me thats too loose and I dont necessarily disagree but I also think its pretty fine at these low of stakes and its definitely not why im losing up to this point.  But of course the numbers mean nothing, its all about what 27% am i playing and from what positions, in what situations.  Making a complete preflop gameplan of what you're going to do in every position vs every other position doesnt take that long in the grand scheme of things and I would totally recommened you do it.

Today I plan on starting to create an indepth post flop gameplan.  But im kind of dreading it, as its going to be a tonne of work overall.

I been reviewing big/interesting hands.  Also reading chapters of books that i bought from the pro Gavin Bay and writing out on paper the key points of each chapter.  Really going to try to force myself to put in as much time studying as I can.  Which is kind of why I have lowered down to only playing one Zoom table sometimes. So that i can focus and think about every little decision.  This downswing is going to make me the best that I have ever been.


A little history about my time playing poker.  This is my 4th year playing online. I played home games for about 6 years before that.  Though the home games were not super regular or anything, we usually would have a bunch of games back to back a few weekends in a row and then not play for the next few weekends. I always wanted to play, the trouble was finding people to play with, I couldnt go to the casino as I was too young.  The home games were mostly short handed 5$ Sit'n'Gos that I did fairly well in. 


So guys thanks for reading and leaving any comments or quesitons you might have .

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GL at the tables