Hey guys,


So I've really been grinding out 2NL and things have gone really well there

Take a look:


So running way under EV but I have been for so long its just normal at this point lol .   Pretty happy with how 2NL has been going winning at a 4.37 BB/100 rate with a "All-in Adj BB/100" of 10.72 which is awesome .


But for some reason I really havent been able to put things togeather at 5NL even though they are almost the exact same player pool, I just always have second best hand etc.

Take a look:


It's been so rough.  Not much to say about it though, thats just short term variance.  Not to say I been playing perfectly or anything, but definitely better then what this graph shows.  Im confident it will get better .


So overall im losing. And it sucks, cause i feel i have been playing pretty damn well :/.  Nothing i can do though, just keep on pushing.

Overall graph:

Starting bankroll: $106.57
Hands Played: 29,088
BB/100: -0.39
Cash game profit: -$37.66
Stellar Rewards: $0
Cashed FPP's: $0
Total Profit: -$37.66
Current Bankroll: $67.86


Blog news

But i want to wring a little bit about this blog as a whole and what i want to do with it.

So the overall goal is too have 100BI's at 25NL and be a winning 25NL player.  When I reach the point where i have enough of a bankroll to start taking 25NL shots I may seek out some professional coaching if needed.  

Also i want to start being way more consistant with how often I am posting.  So from now on I will be posting a new blog every Monday and Friday.  I wanted to post more then one a week and i figured these were the best days to do it.  Because on Friday i can talk about how the week went, and i will most likely be playing more per day on weekends then weekdays so on Monday i can talk about how the weekend went. 


Anyway until next time


GL and see you at the tables (Next post will be on friday)