Hey guys,


So since my last post i really went back to basics. Back to 2NL, made a new preflop gameplan. Things have gone really well at 2NL, though the start of was rough cause i was running like super bad, its all good though .


Heres how things have gone so far:



So im currently down a few bucks, but im actually feeling really good about things so far, my terrible luck has passed and im think im playing pretty solid.  You can see a great ~3000 hands there near the end of the graph and then right at the end i took a 5NL shot and it did not go so well. That put me back below the $0 mark.  So im back to 2NL.

Here are some fun hands:



And heres how things have gone overall so far:

Starting bankroll: $106.57
Hands Played: 20,345
BB/100: 2.71
Cash game profit: -$7.22
Stellar Rewards: $0
Cashed FPP's: $0
Total Profit: -$7.22
Current Bankroll: $99.35


Thanks for any feedback guys .


See you at the tables,