Hey guys,



So..... I went busto.  


Heres the final graph for Dec. 14-Dec. 24



I dont even know if you guys can see that, so let me know if you can or not, please .

This puts an end to my little 10NL experiment.  I need to realize that im not good enough to win at that stake yet.

Im going to start a new bankroll building challenge for myself and start from the bottom this time.



Here it is!

I will be playing 2 zoom tables, for most of the challenge so that i can concentrait on improving my game.  I wont worry about VPP's or FPP's those will come with time.  Im starting at 2NL 6max.


Starting date: Dec 26

Starting bankroll: $107.52

Current Bankroll: $100.62

Hands Played: 7,119


Here is the graph so far(exclusively at 2NL):



Alright guys, updates to come every couple days.  I have been running pretty bad this month, but i feel like im playing the best i ever have.  So it will be interesting to see over the next few months.


Thanks for any questions and comments!


GL at the tables!