I have been playing poker for years, not taking too much time for studying, and taking too much time for playing. I have two mediocre cashes around 1k, one being 1700 dollars. Both came in 8 dollar MTT's in which i finished top 3, and top 5. The fields were around 3000 people, so I felt pretty proud of myself when it happened. My biggest problem has been playing out of my bankroll range, one night playing a 500 sit n Go after cashing the 1700. I bubbled with A8 against A7, and needless to say was not a happy camper. I seem to have better luck live, as I tried out a few small tournaments in atlantic city. Through my first 8 tournaments, all around 50-100 dollar buy ins, I placed first in 3, 3rd in one, and chopped with the last 3 players in another. However, I have lost my last 8 tournaments and my bankroll is not ready to handle any more losses. I found PSO a few days ago and thought it would be in my best interest to read all of the articles, and actually try to learn how to play correct poker. My journey begins today as I have passed both quizzes (neither which tell you which questions you answered incorrectly) and I will attempt to play within my bankroll. I am going to deposit 100 dollars, and play the 3.40 sit and goes with my newly acquired knowledge from PSO. I hope that by managing my bankroll correctly and using my new skills that I will be able to mold myself into a winning poker player, moving away from the negative ROI status that I currently hold. I am open to much criticism and any help as anyone wants to help me along my journey.