I have been recently getting my feet wet in some low limit cash games on Tilt. In the past I had not met with great success! And sustained a few losses! I have been working at Al's training tables and watching some more experienced players here at PSO. So, I decided a couple of days ago to go ahead and try again with some winnings from a mtt. Well, Sunday was a pretty profitable day at the 10/25c table. Lots of little fish who can't lay down top pair. My goal was to make about 20 and quit at 50 dollars I decided to call it a day was tired and hungry and felt myself not concentrating. Day two was Monday. Same level bought in for 10 dollars because I was only gonna play a short while. Well....my shortwhile turned into a little longer session than that. When I got up to I think around 48 dollars I was gonna thank my lucky stars and quit. But another pso member who was watching said no keep playing don't worry about any sbl. As long as the cards are coming and you are making money continue. Thanks to him I kept on playing. I left that table with 100 dollars. Not bad for a 10/25c table! lol I felt the table conditions change and left the table after having AA and winning the pot! I showed the hand and gracefully took their money and left! There was one shark in particular that came to the table....he had an avatar with a miliatary guy and his name was I don't know something to do with a branch of the military! (wink wink) I went back again later that night and played a bit more and again walked away somewhere around 40 ahead. Today I played for a bit and was up about 20 and then took two beats and started having a bad run. I decided to leave I beleve about 4 or 5 dollars ahead. I was short of my goal, but it just didn't feel good. Decided to live another day and not take anymore losses. Anyway, I have decided to sign up for Hitman's NL ring game mentor course! I know a little backwards....but oh well! lol Hopefully I will have continued success and be able to start grinding out more and more. I am excited about his class and look forward to improving my game even more. I have had continued sucess here at PSO and have learned so much! I am greatful I found this place. ! Thanks to everyone instructors and members alike who have shared their wisdom with me. If I don't say it I appreciate it more than you can ever know. I hope I can continue to grow as a poker player and help others in return! Just wanted to share my good news with all of you (I don't want to seem like I am bragging) just pleased and thankful. Shannon