I just want to thank everyone who responded to my post in the forum and all my friends that gave me advice while chatting day to day. You all were right. All it would take is a little break and things would come together. I decided yesterday that I would play a 90 player sng on Full Tilt. My bankroll over there is small. I mean small. LOL I had given someone some money off of Bugsy's and they had given me money on Tilt. So, I have never deposited there. I started with 30 dollars. I had been playing little 9 player sng's there and built it up to 50. No big deal. So.....back to the 90 player sng. I was kinda in the mood to play after my home game, and decided what the hell. The tourny was great. I was patient and playing good solid poker. I ended up winning the tourny! Woohoo! First place was 112.50! I know some of you guys have had much bigger cashes online. So this is no biggie! The thing is I am excited about poker again. Not because I won. Because of how I played. Win or lose it doesn't matter. (but the winning is nice) What I am most proud of is how I played. I played good solid poker. My reads were on. My head was in the right place! Most of all it felt great! Wow, you gotta love this game! Shannon