Okay last night I watched again as another player delivered a bad beat and then said "sorry". IS IT JUST ME OR IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING IN THE WORLD??????? This is a big pet peeve for me!!!! How can you possibly say your sorry. Do you honestly want me to believe your sorry for winning a pot? Does anyone really enter a pot to lose? For me saying " sorry" after sucking out or delivering a bad beat is just plain bad etiquette and lame. You crack my AA with 2/3o and now you want me to believe you are sorry....I don't think so buddy!!!!!! I would prefer if you just said "MUAH HA HA HA HA !!!!!!" It would at least be honest!!!! The truth is I wasn't even in the hand last night and it still irked the heck out of me. I know here at PSO alot of us our friends and sometimes we say things out of kindness. But I have seen this in live play also. I watched a guy crack a set of Aces with A2o hitting the wheel on the river. He then said sorry. I had to hold myself back from laughing at him. I thought the other player he sucked out on was gonna punch him in the face. He said "Your sorry? Are you kidding me?" he had a few expletives added....but you get my point! LOL I was just wondering how other people felt about this? Or am I the only person that feels that this is the equivalent to scratching your fingernails on the chalkboard or leaving the toilet seat up??? Take Care, Shannon