HI All! I am Shannon. As you can see Sif3506 is FEMALE! lol I have been on PSO for 2 years. I have learned alot here. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my game. Especially the last 5 months. During the last 5 months I have been studying the game more....shadowing....reading more and more books! And TIVO'ed every poker show available! I have met some great people and have made some life long friends. I really want to thank Jim (flyingryan) and Jason (midgetsrfunny) for taking the time to shadow me and help me improve my game. These are two GREAT poker players! I also want to thank Dave (hitman) for his terrific NL class I took about a year ago. Dave is a great teacher....and very patient. I highly recommend his class. And to all my fellow CHAPS members....I love you guys! I am looking forward to the next home game! Thanks Leon for keeping this group together and inviting me into it. Thanks to Dave (Jimmydean), Noel (KRVJ), Gail (Twink622) for introducing me to live poker and for their encouragement. I have fallen in love with live poker!!!! Can't get me out of that casino right now. lol I am intensley passionate about this game...I am not giving my day job up! lol But I love poker and intend to keep working hard! It has been a pleasure to be a part of this community. I love the new site! I look forward to meeting more people. See ya at the tables....... Shannon