Yesterday I read Al's Blog "I got ya"! I thought wow that is really good....I really have to follow that. No more skype more chit chat...and no tv. I go playing PSOC. Playing solid...focused! Got my little headphones on jamming to Pearl Jam and Nirvana.....completely focused on my table. I was doing so well..... I have really had a bad month....and today the game was on. Just tripled up to 60,000 going to the final table. All is well!!!! My reads were good....laying down hands....playing solid poker! Alright! Now we are down to two tables 4 to go to final....time to relax and cruise to the final table. Then bam!!!! Get a call from a good friend! Now he decides it is the time to lay emotional baggage on me! UGH!!!!! And instead of just saying can't do this right now.....NO what do I do? I get caught up in it. Yes I am a doormat! LOL Pearl Jam and Nirvana are now off (goodnight Kurt and Eddie) ....not paying attention to the table....bad mood. Think everyone is FOS. Now here comes the blow up..... Blow all my chips to a big stack. Who I should have stayed the hell away from! With a marginal hand. Because I wasn't paying attention. Thought this guy was on a steal. Do I just call the raise?????? NO!!!!!!!! Not tilted Shannon......I go all-in! LMAO What was I thinking. After I did it....I was cursing myself. Saying expletives at myself....and saying please Dear God make him fold. The good news was I had to two overs to his pocket pair...but still a dog. The bad news is I blew off a huge chip stack! The funny part is after I pushed in and told my friend...damn what did I do. I am all-in! He has the audacity to say "don't go on tilt now! Don't blow the game". ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? LMAO It's too late now buddy! I am so down on myself right now....I needed to do well in that tourney. I am so disappointed in myself. NOT THE RNG....NOT THE POKER GODS...NOT THE GOOD FRIEND (who should have known better)... I have no one to blame but myself. I know NL is a game where you really can't make mistakes. And I made a huge blunder. BUT....I am gonna get back on that horse today....and try again. And the next time Al gives some good advice I will try harder to follow it! The moral of the story is..... I guess if you have a problem...emergency.... want to break off a realtionship with me....want to tell me anything of any importance.... if I am in a poker tourney-- Please do one of the following: -call 911 -call Dr. Phil -talk to the picture on my profile - send an email -leave a message after the beep! LMAO.....just please let me finish my tourney! Don't mean to be rude....but go away! Good Luck All! Shannon The last part was a joke...I do care about my friends. The tilt was my fault. I should have blocked him out or went on post and fold. I knew it wasn't the time to have that conversation. and learn!