Day 3/4/5 and half of 6

Tournaments played 30/47
Cashes 3
Total value of Cash(including bounties) – $138.9
Total value of Buyins(including rebuys) - $191.71
Leaderboard Points - 55

So the series is turning into a near disaster.
Didn’t play much on Saturday due to being a concert on the night, Sunday was a lesson in why not to play poker hungover and Monday started badly and ended in a tilted cash game disaster.
Only further cash since the previous post was in the 8game event which was suprising since I learnt the rules for lowball, stud and razz as I went along.
Not sure ive actually played too badly but think I’ve been way more aggressive near the bubble then I should be, my ITM % is appalling considering the standard of play in these events.
Still time to recover a profit and couple of decents runs away from climbing the leaderboard.