Day 1 review
Tournament played 5/7
Cashes 0
Total value of Cash – 0

Awful start to the series for myself, mostly down to my own play so complaints.
Mixture of tiredness from Wednesday night out! Not the best preparation and poor play.
Managed to played events 1-4 and then 7 this morning.
Event 1 and 2 the two rebuys were both pretty similar, event 2 did have a big stack in the rebuy period but lost a big flip. Both didn’t last too long after the add on period which is frustrating.
Event 3 was the only good performance I gave, had a large stack for the majority of the tournament but after slowing losing it got bustout just before the money AK<99.
4 was a horror show from myself head wasn’t with it for a zoom tournament which normally would be ideal for me, never really got going.
Skipped events 5 and 6 for sleep and late registered 7 when I woke up this morning . Always was short by the time I entered but still did not play optimal with the short stack.

Hopefully today overall will be better after a decent sleep, events look good for me today Event 11 is $11 buy in 6 max which hopefully I can put in a good showing.
Currently in event 8 with a top 1000 stack playing ok so hopefully this will bring the first cash of the series.