Right everyone, probably quite a few people have/are doing similar goals currently, but a week off work has co-coincided with the micromillions and as a tournament player I am going to attempt a run at the leader boards with the aim of finishing in the top 100. This is more for myself than for the prizes the leader board offers, but hopefully should be fun and will help me to play the tournaments to my best ability despite the buy ins.

I’m not going to try and play every single event and have no sleep but am hoping for around 60 which should be achievable. The plan is I should only miss two events for sleep but will depend on how far I go. The only day I can’t play most tournaments out of the ten days is this Saturday due to commitments on the night.
This thread is more for me to post my thoughts and to hopefully keep me focused. Will be playing the usual tournaments with a bit of cash on the side.

So for today Thursday  14th the plan is to play events 1-4 and maybe 5 depending on tiredness/how im playing. With all the events being NL HE hopeful for a decent start and to get off the mark in terms of points