I have always been a solid tournament player with good results across different US and European websites some bigger than others. However I always struggled with cash game, big time! Not sure if it is my style of play or tilting off buy ins after buy ins once one beat happens. More annoying than being unable to beat the games is I’m struggling to know where I should I go with it? How I can get better?

Often when I go through a spell of trying to get into cash I have pretty good results for  1-2 days or maybe even a week, but once I start to lose it all goes downhill pretty fast. The latest attempt saw me play at .25 Zoom in the last week. Having had a pretty decent score in the 800th millionth tournament I thought I would give it another go. Spent about the last week playing probably 1k hands + per night and am down quite a chunk down. 
Not sure really were to go!