Hey guys just thought id make an opening blog.

Im a regular guy from a small town Darlington in the UK, played poker on and off in my spare for probably 5 or 6 years and have been fortunate to have severly decent four figure scores from MTT's, but also have gone through long spells of losing/depositing.

Have played a few live uk events, the ukipt and sat on the same table as some of uk pokers big names.

Just discovered poker school online some of the videos are fantastic training tools and can only be good for peoples games.

At the moment dipping in and out of zoom 25NL and 50NL but i know my cash game is a losing one currently and i am a lot better in MTT's, so hoping to use the vid's to improve my cash game.

Hopefully i'l make a few blog posts on how pokers going view on the game etc.


For today a hungover free sunday hopefully will bring sucess.


Gl all thanks for reading