Hello, my name is Audrey and I play poker under the name of Shumla anywhere and everywhere I play poker online.  My avatar is an Arrowhead, and the name of the arrowhead is a Shumla.  It is another hobby of mine besides poker.
    I have been playing poker most of my adult life, but until I found online poker it was just family fun and usually 5 card draw. We would all bring our change to every holiday,To have a poker game, it was never enough to break anyone just for fun.  I started playing online poker at pokerstars and was totally unnerved by how many great poker players there are online.  So I started looking for advice anywhere I could find it.  I would put money into pokerstars just to loose it in a month or so, I could win occasionally but not enough to keep me from having to put more money in. Im not sure but this was probably about 5 years ago.  I was always upset because on the sights to look up stats I always had a fish in a bowl trying to jump out.  It has taken me a while but I have learned a lot in the last few years playing in many different places even live.  Now I can put money in and not have added more monthly because I win enough to keep me playing for a while.  I still want to learn how to profit from it but this I know will take time.  I joined Poker School Online about 3 months ago. I am no great poker player but I was proud to make the top 1000 in the last 2 months and the three dollars.  I intend on improving my skills from here.
    I will be writing discussions about the little things we all like to discuss, and hopefully will get some input from readers also.  I don’t feel I am good enough to give advice yet, and everyone seems to be writing diaries.
   So keep your eyes on this blog for my 1stDiscussion.
Thanks for your interest and time.