So I'm doing this horrendous criminal law assignment, and I need to write something else to get teh creative juices flowing again, so here I am, poker bloggin'. Thought I'd recap a live tourney win I had in Cairns at some pub poker donkament. About 30 players with 4K start stacks and 30 minute levels starting at 50/100. #standard Here's the important hands of my run from zero to hero:

Hand 1: Level 100/200

I'm dealt QQ UTG, and with 4K behind, raise to 500. Flatted in UTG+1, SB, and BB, creating a pot of 2000, with 3.5K remaining in my stack.

Flop: KQThh: gin for me, if someone has KK or AJo, I'm going broke, but with the loose passive style in these free tourneys post flop, I'd like to win a big pot from a 1/2 pair hand. Checks to me, and I bet 1.1K. Called in UTG+1, and the BB. Pot 5.3K, 2.4K for me. 

Turn: Ko: gingin. Good card for me again, flushes can get there and lose, AJo is now dead, and Kx hands will certainly stack off. KQ is a huge rarity, KT might be out there, and KK is psycho, so overall there's not many hands I'm scared of. I bet small, 1.2ish, to try and get two callers. I get one, BB.

River: Blank(o): Check, I jam, she calls with Q8o. Easy game.

Hand 2: Level 100/200

My Dad played this as well btw. He joins my table, raises to 600. I have about 7.2K left, and jam with AKo. He tank folds AQo face up. Good read, but I guess he's 50% responsible for my facial expressions, so if anyone can look through my hand, should be him. Oh well, onto the next one. 

Hand 3: Dad is busto jamming light with a weak ace trying to fold out some limpers and gets snapped off by AA. Just bad luck, I liked his jam.

Hand 4: Level 200/400

I have now proceeded to play a lot of pots, cause we're 6 handed, and no-one is really playing. I min-raise a button with A4o, and a younger fellow (but probs older than me ha) flats, leaving himself 1.7K behind (?). 

Flop: 25Tr

He checks the SB, I jam, he mucks. Horrible.

Hand 5: We're now 5-handed, the kid is gone, and I'm raising every unopened pot from the button, and c-betting my way to a decent 10Kish stack. An older gentleman 3-bets my open to 5K from 800 (old skooooool) and I tank-fold. Still not sure about this now, but my strategy was wroking so I didn't want to flip huge, AND he's old, so he has to have at least KK right? #horriblestereotype

Hand 6/7: Level 300/600

I get dealt aces twice in one orbit, and win the blinds both times. I hate poker.

Hand 8: Level 300/600

I'm at the 8 person final table, and open to 1.4K with A7s from maybe the hijack. Some dude 3bet jams, and gets a caller in the BB, I super muck. The jammer has AJ and wins and becomes the chip leader, I make a flush. #madetherightfold. I make some comment about growing a beard cause the tourney is taking so long, and a woman, henceforth "Villain", remarked "you can't grow a beard, BUMFLUFF" and she is met with an uproar of laughter from the table. I feel small.

Hand 9: Level 300/600

The very next hand, I am dealt AQo. I raise to 1.2K, the same fellow three bet jams for my whole stack, I call. This was perfect: I'm supposed to be angry from getting laughed at and raise with napkins, he three bet jammed AJ last hand, so it must follow that he has it this hand (in his mind), he knows how to three bet jam a hand that's not AA or KK (rare for pub pokerers), I'm a young punk waiting to be bullied. I snap it off, he turns over T6o, the board runs out, I feel excellent.

Hand 10: Level 300/600

I'm dealt TT in the SB. Two people limp it to me, and I make it 3K. The silent BB flats, and the two limpers fold. 

Flop: JT7cc: I continue for 3.5K, he jams, I insta-fistpump-call and have my hand face up between him saying "All" and "In." He has A7o, and not many cards can save him. I become the massive chipleader.

Hand 11: Level 500/1K

Three handed, I win a pf all-in A9> KT

Hand 12: Level 500/1K

First significant hand of heads up, I jam a button with 99 against the short-stacked villain, she called with T8s. I win, and feel happy I busted her. Bumfluff is victorious.

Anyway, rad. Froth live poker, I get to fold ATo to three bets when I'm on the button. This never happens online, but it's cool to see an old guy look completely comfortable and ready to turn over his KK. Probably a good fold.

Cya next time,


"It is better to be feared than loved" - Niccolo Macchiavelli