Okay, **** doing this on tumblr, so I'm doing it here. This'll catalogue the highs and lows of my battle with the micros. Hopefully it'll be short, and then I'll be crushing low stakes, then who knows. I'm 19, a poor uni student, and from $50 on stars, where I play as shredex31, and $35 on party, where I roll as jabberwocky31, I'm at $63 on party and 300 and something on stars. Currently I've been playing exclusively on party to earn myself pokertracker for free, and I'm about 3/4 of the way there. Also, I'm a nit, but I wish I was a Super duper j6o six bet shoving LAG. Can't really do that with calling stations in the micros though, unfortunately.


Anyway, to the poker. Currently sitting in 4th place out of 13 left in an MTT on party that started with 164. Hopefully this post will end with me shipping the f#ck out of it. Pretty yuck, cause I'm at av with 36.6K and in 5th now. Level is 600/1.2/125 and I just recently turned down an all in for almost my whole stack where I had 99. A nit (I think, no hud lol) shipped it out of the BB, and I'm not really ready to flipsies for stacks. Or worse. Or much better. But yeah, didn't love folding.

Up to 44K, A6 in BB, 1 limp, flop 863dd, checkcheck. Turn Ad, betcall. River Qo, betcall. Villain mucks Ato, cheers. 3rd in chips, 12 to go.

Ew, raise K9h, two callers, flop A73hh. check to me I bet, guy on my left shoved, I'm getting two to one, call, I brick out. Hate life, 11/11 23K. #hanginthere. Blinds up to BB1.5K, I have 20K.

K, at the final table now, 17K, almost 12BB. One double puts me right there, just need QQ+ 4 times in a row, no biggie.

busted 10th 97o<K2, some punk called my shove. Ciao.