Interview with Alexander "Kanu7" Millar 

Hey everyone I found an interesting interview with a 26 year old High Stakes poker pro that plays here on PokerStars. you can find the entire story HERE

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Feb 04: $120k
Mar 13: $99k
Jan 08: $84k
Jan 13: $83k
Mar 13: $82k
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A NLHE specialist that has come to the surface here at PokerStars playing in the SuperStar Showdown  challenging Isildur1.

Here is just a teaser of the interview Q&A:

What was your parents’ reaction when you decided to play poker full-time?

It actually worked out quite well in that regard as they were happy with me doing it for a year when I was getting a job at the end of it and then by the end of that year, it had gone well enough that it wasn't too hard for them to see that it was probably a better idea for me to keep playing poker rather than take the job.

Did you start playing cash games or sit-n-goes, and was it no-limit at which you started?

I started with sit-n-goes and MTTs with buy-ins of up to $5, and I played a few freerolls at the very beginning. I was playing only one table at a time and was constantly trying to improve. I won a couple of $5 tournaments for a few hundred dollars each time during my third year but I was mainly just enjoying it while learning the game and I wasn't trying to move up in stakes or anything. I signed up to the poker society at university in my fourth year and finished either second or third out of just over 100 in the first event of the year which was a freeroll with some added prize money. I decided to continue going with some of my friends from my football team and this is where my screen name “Kanu” comes from. They used to call me Kanu because they thought I played football like Nwankwo Kanu. A couple of people in the society were beating mid-stakes cash games and I guess that inspired me to start playing more towards the end of my fourth year, and by this time I had already won a few low buy-in tournaments so had a bankroll of $2-3k.

I started playing some NL50 at the beginning when starting cash games and was playing a couple of tables at a time, but decided to move to NL100 very quickly. I applied for only one job vacancy during my final year of uni to work as a business analyst and during the final assessment day, I messed up one of the four interviews but did well in the tests and other interviews so they said that if I reapplied I would stand a very good chance of being accepted. I decided to take a year off and play poker full-time and re-apply the following year. I was only playing NL100 at this time and had a roll of $5k or so. After an indifferent first couple of months, I started playing on PartyPoker at the end of September 2007 and moved up through the stakes pretty quickly. By April 2008 I was playing $10/$20 and my bankroll was over $100k so even though I was accepted for the job when I reapplied, I decided to turn it down and stick with poker. I kept a 50 buy-in bankroll rule when moving up limits and I didn't really play much HU until long after I was regularly playing $25/$50 6max (started in July 2008) . At some point though I decided to try out the Party $5/$10 HU tables and eventually I realised that I was achieving better win rates at HU as well as enjoying it more. Its only really within the last couple of years that I started to consider myself a heads-up no-limit specialist though.