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              I don't know about you guys & gals, but when I'm playing an MTT I like to watch poker videos to keep my mind occupied while avoiding huge mistakes caused by the sher boardem. I think we have all been their, folding so many hands that KQ out of position looks like AA.

I found a great list of Poker Documentries and I'm going to share them here. To find the titles type these into google, most of them are on Youtube or Poker Tube.
Let me know if their are any more and share it here.

Beyond the Felt

Inside the World Series of Poker- Travel Channel doc for '99 WSOP
History of Poker- History Channel
One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar
Legends of Poker Documentary
Breaking Vegas: Prince of Poker
The Passionate Eye: Poker Face
No Limit: A Search for the American Dream on the Tournament Trail
Amarillo Slim: The True Gambler
A Kid's Game- Bluefire Poker
From Busto to Robusto: Captain Zeebo
From Busto to Robusto: Andrew Robl
Boom: The Incredible True Story of Online Poker
Poker Kings
Drawing Dead (w. Leatherass)
Poker Bustouts
The Million Dollar Deal (about Andrew Black & his Irish Crew)
The Hendon Mob Documentary
Inside Monte Carlo Million
Grinders (about underground poker clubs)
All-In: The Poker Movie
I am Nanonoko- Pokerstars short doc
Luke Schwartz & Andrew Feldman doc- BBC short Doc
Poker The Modern Game
The Poker Film
50 Pounds Says You'll Watch This (British Comedian hits up Vegas)
World of Jenks: Nick Shulman
Jennifer Harman: Poker Queen
MTV True Life: I'm a Gambler
Five Card Stud- Phil Ivey short doc- ESPN 60
Vanessa Rousso- An Ordinary Girl- Pokerstars short doc
Pass the Sugar
That's Poker (French doc)