So my last two post had a couple of swearwords in them - I'm not proud. I'll just say they were reflections of the sad state of my poker play and my extreme frustration with the game.

I always thought I was pretty good and YOU all were the fish. Really...
and that might have been fairly true of my poker skills five years ago when I started playing, even as recently as two or three years ago, I was still able to fairly frequently plow my way through hoardes of players, some as much as 10,000 deep in some freerolls,  to come out top 1 %  or better, or at least min cash often enough to encourage me to keep playing.

But lately the tide has turned. (Probably due to Pstars committement to coaching "future pokerstars".) People, ok, you all, are just playing better. I raise, but you already did. I trick but, wait, I'm being tricked. I have a plan for the hand but am forced to abandon it by the river because I can no longer tell if your play was just random fishing or truly brilliantly unorthodox.

I almost gave the whole thing up. It was so frustrating. But I really love the game too muchand there's nothing I'd rather be doing than coming home after a hard day's graft, to put my feet up on the coffee table, laptop in lap, netflix on the TV and the phone on silent vibrate and play poker.  I just can't stand losing so I went back to pokerschool online, and put in some work on my game. (I watched the free videos, partook in the live game training and read and re-read some of the game fundamentals such as the core, sng and mtt lessons and watched the vids.

It's starting to payoff. For the first time ever I've played a few matches and moneyed in what seems like  consistentcy. (Usually I'm up a few games only to lose it all  quite fast. I'm the human Yo-yo.) I need to play much more according to my new found methods to see if I can stay on the plus side and I certainly need to work on several aspects of my game, namely understanding EV ( I seem to lose the hand when I have plus EV more often than I win it ;:/) So I'm working on the math, and trying to stay patient and disciplined. 

We'll see. I may post results as I get more of them.