PokerStars Tournament #518397292, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $6.42/$0.58 USD
45 players
Total Prize Pool: $288.90 USD
Tournament started 2012/02/17 10:45:11 ET

Dear shivaa-divaa,

You finished the tournament in 1st place. A USD 89.58 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

However, this came on the heels of a 3-game losing streak so bank roll is only upto $141 and change. I started this ride with an $11 BR.  If not for those three losing $7 buy-ins, account would be closer to $200. Those three games took 20% of my $80 stack. 

The most I've ever built up in a BR is a balance of about $239. I'm getting close to my personal profit record after about 10 games.

The scary thing is the last time I had this much in my account I went on one of the longest LOSING streaks ever and managed to lose the lot in about three weeks. Part of this fall came from playing the $16 SNGs. Those players kicked my arse all the way back to the micro stakes ;D

I know playing the $7 games with such a low bankroll ( I figure I need about 100 buy-in or $700 before I should play this level.) is a hard and fast rise and  a hard (really hard, bone-jarring comes to mind) fall when things go south but it makes the game SO MUCH more FUN for me :-D

Things I've learned playing the moderately high-low stakes:

  1. Players go all-in much more frequently. Head-to-head is usually a decisive win or lose situation with the loser going out and the pay-scale increasing for those still in the game. In other words every all-in at the final table has an equity value to it as regards the real money payout players can receive. There is a benefit to choosing your final battle carefully. Sometimes folding goodish hole cards (low, meduium pairs or KQ for eg) ups your chances for a real dollar payout as others duel it out.
  2. The play is DEFINITELY better at the higher levels. Poker is not just about a gamblers dumb luck - players put you to the decision way more often and the card play is very creative.
  3. I seem to play in streaks. I'll win severa SNGsl in a row only to then lose several more. The losing has an additional negative effect on my game in that I play the next game in a tense fashion hoping to minimize losing it. I should be playing with the hopes of maximizing WINNING. It's a definite mental shift that has repurcussions. Best, I think to make a new rule: I will take a break from poker entirely  if I lose more than two games in a row.
  4. Another thing I've learned is I can usually win or at least place top three if I lead the chip stack early on in the tournement, say within the first half hour, if I've doubled or tripled my initial starting chips, I'm usually on track for a win. Conversely if I lose one or two big hands early on my chances of making it to the final tabel are severely dimmed. (I once was able to carve a win out of $20 chip stack but that involved a bit of luck and a lot of desperation all-ins.)

Hope this helps someone out there who was wondering about the $7 tables. Use my dime to vicariously take whatever helps you from this post, LOL!

Play on, Everyone!