playing lots of $3.50 MTTs and averaging a win every six or seven which generally means I'm losing money. Out of the last seven games I've played, I won once, broke even once, bubbled twice and lost the rest - about average for me.

My goal is to try  and get my win average up to at least 3 wins over seven games - that's three first place finishes over seven games by trying to turn those bubbles into wins that cash me out at a profit.

How to do this?
Well I've started to request hand histories of all my games...I know, I know, you've all been doing that from the get go which is why so many of you keep beating me!!! I will look over the stats and see where my weaknesses lie. I already seems like when i enter a lot of pots I do better than when I'm tight preflopI. - need to know what that threshold is as when I'm too agressive I bust out early or lose a lot of showdown equity value by showing crap cards.

Lately it seems like I enter showdowns with the best hole cards only to lose because my opponent scored his one-outer. Oh well with the double random algorithym pstars employs I can't take such losses perosnally.

happy cards!