Game selection - WOW :idea:

So important to do this prior to buying-into any tournements and not just to select which players you want to avoid. (Personally, I gravitate to the ones that are chatty, trash-talking and skilled. I figure I'll need to gain experience with all types to be prepared for when I meet all types in a major tournement. Also the trash talkers and chats make the games more fun, usually and definitely more memorable.)

Game select so that you are sure you are getting the best bang for your poker buck. I spent many $11 dollar etrance fees to try and gain a spot in the 10th Anniversary million dollar tourneys. These were buy-ins that involved a or sometimes a 3x shootout. But I could have been playing a $1 round 1 spot for entrance into the same tournement! Albeit the player field is deeper: 100 + in the $1 compared to 36 max in the $11.

Hope this helps someone out there in poker-playing land!