Yes, I had two hands yesterday's PSO when I should have listened to them. First I had top pair (A7 suited i think) and the board flopped two queens. By the turn just me and one other player still in. I knew at the flop I might have a problem with trip queens but the betting was so low I ignored my inner voice and, of course, lost half my stack to Kirpaliani Second time, when I lost the entire rest of my stack, was when I had KK hole cards. Flop came something plus 10, 10. Betting was strong and turn came another 10 for three 10s on the board. Only me and one other player, the entertaining Slurm Keg, who chatted "I have quads." I typed back "I actually believe you do." I knew he did! Why else would the betting taper off so? Again, didn't listen to my inner voice and lost beaucoup points. September's strategy is going to be hard to follow if I keep doing this (Hint.) Shout-outs to 901champ, enjay, slurm keg, Detroit Jim - all of whom make for a very fun game if they are at your table. Deep stacks for All! Shivaa