I'm seeing some progression but stil can't seem to bust through that second round ceiling. This week I got: 1. Rookie ticket which I played and subsequently busted out somewhere in the middle of the pack. 2. Divsion 2 ticket which I played and made to 138th. I went out on pilot error on the last hand. I was going to call with a suited KJ for 3xbb (pretty loose, I know but I was really short-stacked and wouldn't have lasted much longer anyway). So I check marked the box for the 3-blind amount but by the time I clicked, the next guy went all in, my checkmark was checked for the all in and not for a 3blind. EEK. Oh well. Later some other guy went all in (he was covered) by mistake. He was chat-typing and hit the 'A' key which, I guess was his hotkey for raise. 3. Had a 4th place finish, a personal best for me, in the PSO 3pm yesterday. I'm finishing in line with average most games but the few I do well on, I seem to do really well on them. Reaching final table in buy-in tourneys usually is a cash finish and tat being said I've yet to reap any monetary rewards. Consistency is a big hurdle to cross in tourney playing. All in all though, not a bad week, playing a bit less is working out for me - I'm looking forward to the few I play more and enjoying them more. Shiva