Started off my league life pretty well. At one point I was up over 100 points and huggingthe 1600s on the scoring chart. The tantalizing three bucks next to my nameh spurred me on to play even more. Then I fell off a steep cliff and I'm still falling. During the next nine matches, I went out super early. Sometimes I donked out (too many life and home distractions); sometimes the cards didn't go my way. Where I stand now, I am too scared to look but it could be less than 1500. YIKES On the other hand, during the same week, I played on Tiger and placed first in one tourney, cashed in another and I won a second round ticket to The Big Game which subsequently went nowhere. Between the PSO league, the Pstars freerolls and my easier tiger freerolls - that's A LOT of damn poker for the week. By Sunday I was pokered out; overloaded on the good stuff, just like too many Cool Ranch Doritos, I was feeling a bit light-headed and buzzy as I hit the next game. My concentration was shot for the latter half of the week. (Also was starting to feel like a loser in life since only went out socializing one day this week - but that was FUN. I did learn a few things though: 1) Consistency is everything in league play. Unlike other freerolls, when I can choose when to play, league times are set. The penalty for going out early is a two-fold penalty: I lose the points that could have increased my score and my next match, even if I do well, will only let me meet the deficit, rarely will it let me exceed it. in other words... PLAY LESS league tournements to protect a high league score. 2) PStars is waaay better than Tiger and 3) My second round skill level sucks. 4) I can't play good poker when the rest of my life is on hold. I need my family, my friends, my work, good food and sunshine and fun and humour. I don't get all that with poker, especially online poker. Maybe live games are different, more interactive. I don't know. I do get a mental thrill when I figure my table out - a thrill that when it happens is like none other. All that means is my climb to the WSOP table will have to be on my terms. Once I figure out what they are... Happy playing, All! Shivaa