Played my first PSO - the 8pm lat night. Came 22nd (smiley-face) and won FOUR cents (bemused-face). Just finished playing PSO freeroll #2 - 8pm. Yes, I am typing this at 8:15pm same night. I got booted out in FIVE minutes by the SAME guy whose online name escapes me at the moment. Well, it all happened so fast. But props to him. He seemed to make good calls and bets. FIrst hand I lost, I had had trip 9s (my third nine hit on the river) and the board showed both a possible straight and a possible flush. So I folded to his all-in for half my stack. Second hand, and still wondering if I made a brilliant lay down with the trip 9s, (you be the judge, bloggers!) I had top pair (K5 os) and paired for KK but was chased and got caught by a straight for the rest of my chips. Will try the 10pm and then call it a night. On a positive note, won a seat to the Lamborghini Final! I was able to eke out a $20 payout from the second round which I then took into a $2.20 SnG, hoping to buy into the Sunday $250K for a bargain. The regular buy-in is $11. However it took me 10 trys plus one desparate but lucky hand at a cash table to make the ticket cut-off so you do the maths. Pstars is defo profiting from this student! Also I am not $250K richer (very sad-smiley face) See you at the tables! Shivaa (SHE-va)