So ive got my bankroll at 785, and decided to take a shot at the coop tourney yesterday ($300 +30). this was obviously not a very smart bankroll decision, actually it was a horrible decision. i have been playing poker on and off, mostly off, since about 2005, but never had bought in for more than $60! So this was a huge tourney for me.
  I played super tight first 2 hours or so , and then opened up a bit. i played pretty well besides getting mowed over by a few superaggressive players here and there. and i really enjoyed the tourney. i really enjoyed not everyone shoving allin every 10th hand like in my usual $8 to $33 tourneys.
   ive always been a losing player with some scores here and there to keep me interested lol...i enjoy the buyins above my ability and bankroll which is my problem, but im here now, and reading everywhere i can online, and learning for the first time. so excited. not just to win some dough, but to actually spend time learning better play.
   i never got all in until my last hand, and made the money which was awesome (787)! and i went into last hand with better pair, but outdrawn of course i finished 47th and it was a great experience. ive been making money at the $3/6 $5/10 razz and hi-low studd tables to pay for my tourneys and just won another $230 to play todays sunday millions... if i dont cash  today, i am going to drop down and build a proper roll. wish me luck!
see you at the tables!