We all know there are players who don't even know there is a leaderboard . For them,all of this PSO tournaments are bunch of free money and they are trying to hit that 5$ by moving all in with every single hand to acumulate chips for,I don't know what,because "fish" is an insult for the animal if we compare them. 

  I played this open league a year ago and I sucked first month,finished nearly 10 000. position , so I wandered : Am I so bad player ? I don't think so,I'm still learning,but trying to improve my game with every single tournament,so basicly - problem is in strategic approach.

  Next month I changed approach. To be in first 1440 places which guarantee you some points,you need only one hand to win ,to do so,you can't afford to lose any chips besides blinds,and you need to fold about 98% hands you get.Even pocket aces are very risky hand if you're against 4 or more players which is absolutely normal in this league. Bottom line - you must survive first hour. After that,you need to play super-agressive,no bets,no raise,only shove,in 90% of the time your monster will be called with some junk and you need to double yourself.There are always possibility of bad luck,but you can't avoid that.

  Last month I decided to go up and move to premier league , before that I didn't even play this tournaments for months. It was middle of december and in 7 days I moved up to first 200 in league.Last couple of days I didn't even play. That's only because I wasn't playing,I was folding,and folding,and folding and waiting to pass that first hour and about 8,5 k. players within it. 

 Nobody can't guarantee you that this is a right approach,but if you're a regular player you and I both know that this league has a very little mutually stuff with poker , it's quite similar to lottery.

 For example,you are button with suited AK. Six players limps to you and what now ? 

You fold,simple as that.

 There are many reason to do so. You don't need money from prize,you don't need to win,all you need is to survive,and if you raise or even move all in you will get called by at least 4 of them,and that's bingo.If you limp too,then you need to hit full house on flop because if you don't, you're dead -most of the time. And you're losing chips because there are no monster hands against 4 or more players involved.

 I hope that's gonna be helpful for some new members who    when they sit at the league table for the first time .

    I wish you all very successful year,and best luck at the tables.......besides those where I play too   !!!