Ok the first tourny of the day I did well I placed 101 and took .02 Cents home with me . Much better finish than what I have been getting.. So the second tourny of the day I am dealt pocket As in the 2nd hand of the game. I raise 200 and had 3 callers. flop is rainbow 4 8 J I bet out 200 2 folds and then the last guy moves all in on me ? Do I fold AA to that flop ? I mean how can I fold to that flop. I figure maybe Pocket Js and I am beat but I call anyway. They guy has 89 off I am trying to figure out why he is even in after the preflop raise and 2 calls ? But he is there and I am way a head but of course the river is going to be an 8 ? this just keeps happening to me over and over so I busted about 1000 and something . I dont understand I mean this is the way it goes down on me everytime I am out front in a hand what the HELL is going on ... How do you get away from hands like this and expect to do well.