PSO, Is it worth it?

     Is it worth it? I think that question has be answered by you, and you alone. I'll give you my story tho. Middle of 2010, I'd found myself jobless, and no real ambition for doing much. I'm not a lazy person by nature, but, suffice it to say I did not want to re-enter the rat race. I was fortunate enough to have loved ones around me who could support my bumming ways. I started up on Full Tilt again August of 2010. I played all the freerolls I could and devoted myself to making money online again. It was hard and grueling. But, reading about Chris Fergerson really made me hope I could do it. I decided to follow very strict Bankroll management, and I pounded the poker pavement. I played late at night against the smallest fields to try to make any type of bankroll. I said away from cash due to the fact that my ring game was break even at best, and to be totally honest w/ ya, probably a losing battle.

I played the daily dollar on Full Tilt every chance I got, I'd get a little bit of money together, and what Datzang didn't ask for, I hoarded and played every chance I had. I didn't even bother w/ tourneys w/ .10 fees to try to make my bankroll last as long as it could. On Sept. 12th I won the Daily Dollar to the tune of just under $1500. I cashed out $500 of it, and proceeded to play way beyond my bankroll again. I lost most of the $1000 playing $11, high guarantee'd MTT's. I lucked out and placed high enough in one to cash another $1000. This went up and down, when Datz decided to open her PokerStars account after I refused her any more money on Full Tilt. I had been dedicating myself to Full Tilt Academy and getting my iron man promotion all in a row. I look up some of the stuff PokerStars had to offer, and low and behold. NAPL and PSO was like a light at the end of a tunnel? What? Free Money? More chances at free money. The NAPL is like a free Daily Dollar everyday with the NAPL $500 freeroll in place. And PSO was like a dream come true.

As I had money already, I took advantage of the $20 SnG reload bonus and made my first deposit. I used this to get qualified for the next PSO month. My first month of PSO, I cashed for $500 on the leaderboard. I've made 3 separate $10 deposits also for good reload promo's. My second month I cashed for $750 and Datzang, my girlfriend cashed for $1500 that same month after only winning $3 the month before. She had to overhaul her thinking for PSO skill. The next month we ran into some issues that are very public knowledge in the forums and PSO community. Suffice it to say, we lost 11 days, and considering we both hit T10 late last month, I'd say we suffered monetarily due to the 11 days of suspension. We are both in the running for this months T10, so, all well that ends well.

Has it been worth it. Time wise. I invest a little over 200 hours a month in PSO. I've won $1280 in over 600 hours of play. That's $2.13 an hour for the last 3 months. Not a good return. But, PSO was always a stepping stone for me. Get $2K in free bankroll money, and then make my run. This is really what I thought and had planned. PSO has been so much more to me now. I started out in these forums and community as some what of a skeptic. I acknowledged that there were really smart and savvy player in this community, but, never really cared as to what that would mean to me. I don't want to go into all my secrets, but, suffice it to say, I've learned a whole lot about me, and about poker. My game has changed 100%, for both cash, and MTT's. I've learned some great tricks, and met some really good ppl in this community. I'm going against all my self preserving rules as of late and posting ideas and thoughts. Not just horsing around. I really have developed a true desire to see this forum and PSO community grow in a great resource and help to all who want to play and learn poker. It's not perfect, but, it's the best thing out there at the moment. I have developed new goals, and now see very attainable ways to achieve my goals.

Hope this helps you and everyone else who reads this. -Shark