So, you're broke, and want to make it as a poker pro. Broke meaning you've lost your bankroll online, and either can't bleed anymore money, or don't have anymore money to bleed. Here is how you make a living as a Broke Poker Pro. When I say Pro, I mean you derive your income for living and all your need from only playing poker. Here's my guide. Not saying that I'm the best source, but, I have made a bankroll on Full Tilt being completely broke, and made a bankroll on Poker Stars through the PSO. I've deposited 4 times on PS since I restarted December of last year. I was unemployed and broke and, didn't want to get a job.

Things you will need:
1. Someone to support you. You will not be making any real money for at least 3 months so, you need to have a means to support yourself and eat, and live to succeed. Me, I'm lucky. Lived off my girl for 1 year before I decieded to do this.

2. Lots and lots of time. You will need hours and hours of play to get to where your want to be.

3. A good sponsor or teacher. If you want to use me. PM me. I'd suggest some others tho. There are really great teachers on here.

4. A PokerStars Account and a Full Tilt Account. (If you don't have one yet. PM me so, I can use my refferal code... Can't hurt.) Don't know about other sites, as I'm in the USA, plus don't really have time to play more than I have now.

5. An open mind, and commitment to improving your poker play.

OK these are the things your need to do.

1. Open accounts on both sites.
2. Sign up for PSO on poker stars and Full Tilt Poker Academy on Full Tilt.
3. Before you take the test on PSO, Go to Full Tilt Academy and watch all the lessons from level 1 to 3. Do this before you play your first hand of poker. ( you can sort the lessons by level)
4.Take one sit n learn quiz and pass. Review the lesson a couple times before you take the sit n learn. This will allow you to play the 5K academy Freeroll next month. Good Field Nice Little Bank Roll Builder. Can repeat this proccess every month. If you don't pass, Take another one.
5. Go back to PokerSchoolOnline and read the lesson for Basics, and Core Quiz. I'd suggest doing this even if you are a long time poker player. Maybe, you'll see something new. Pass the basic and core quiz.
6. Once you've done all this.... Now you can play some poker.

Here's your daily schedule for now.

Either before 6am PST or 11pm PST. Register for all the SnG freerolls for the NAPL rookie ticket. This can be found in the regional tab of the tourneys, in the pokerstar lobby. If you play at the times I've suggestted there will be a ton of them waiting to register. Start at the last one on the list. Scroll down to the last one registering and register to them one at a time going all the way up til the ones that are starting soon. This will allow you to register to all of them before having to deal w/ them all starting at once. Forget all that your read and learned for now. Real simple if your get any pocket pair or any hand better than Q T off or better push or call all-in. Repeat these for all the new tourneys that start. Keep repeating till you win, or run out of sng's to play. Once you're done. Move all the tables you've won the first round in. Put em on a space on your screen where u can see if one starts. Repeat the proccess all over again. When you have about 4 or more waiting for round 2. Stop. Wait and Play off your round 2 using all that your learned about sng tourneys. Repeat this proccess til your have won between 5 and 7 napl rookie tix. You never need to win more than that as these tix expire within 7 days.

Ok mission complete here's your schedule until you have $100 in either account.

8:40am PST  Register for $150 FR on Full tilt poker, This will start in one hour. Also register for the $250 USA freeroll that starts at 6:30pm. While waiting for your 2 tourneys to start read a good poker book. PM if u need one for your poker level
10:05 am PST Register for the 90K Freeroll on Pokerstars. Tourney/ Freeroll tab. This starts at 10:35am
12:40am PST Register for the $150 dollar freeroll on Full Tilt. Start 1 hour from registration
2:55pm Register for tourney for entry into daily dollar on Full Tilt poker. This is hyper turbo, but, it pays top 200 spots. If you can take one down. Play Daily Dollar that day or the next. Must register quickly, for this one fills up in less than 5 minutes.
4:40pm PST Register for the $150 FR on Full Tilt poker. Starts in 1 hour from registration
4:00pm PST $500 FR on PokerStars. These tix don't expire so, save em for a rainy day. Also goal should be to go after the senior tix. PM for deatail on strategy.
7:40pm PST $150 rush poker tourney. Good practice for later on. This should end your poker day unless you have run out of NAPL rookie tix. Then wait til 11pm, and Repeat the NAPL SnG process in first paragraph

OK this process should take you quite a bit of time. Your goals are to make any money on either site. But, U need to save up real $ til you get to about $20. Then, we can move on.  Hope this helps someone.