Well first month of skill league under my belt and, a disappointing 4th this month. Had I only caught on early, I could have finished higher. I've met some great people on the table and have learned to respect a lot of people on the boards as well. Grats to all the winners. KK, great run to get you back up to the top. JJShark, I really do understand where you came from. I want 2K this Jan also. I think the run was too late in the month is all. Dleviathan, nice to play w/ ya cash, as well as PSO. Too all you great PSO'ers, please play in the ones I don't play. LOL. I want to thank all the fish, donks, and shove monkeys out there for you guys really are my hopes and dreams. I love all of  you, and wish you all the luck in the world. Please continue to play, and let me know if any of you get hassled by the good players. I'll rip em a new one. Also, could you refer a couple of your friends to join the PSO also. Once again. Happy New Year, and the best of luck to you all in 2011.  Shark