In this blog I am going to find and explain the different strategies to deal with weak opponents by playing in NL Hold'em freeroll tournaments and play money sit and go's.

Now, we have all ran into a weak opponent once or twice on a poker table. You are probably thinking running into a weak opponent is profitable, surely? Well yes and no. Sometimes running into a weak opponent can send you on "tilt". It can cost you alot of money and really impact your game play for the day.

I'll give you an example of a hand that happend to me in a live cash game...

NL Hold'em.
The blinds are £1/£2.
My stack is £88 (£38 up) and my opponent in this hand was sitiing on £100+.
I am sitting on the button.
I am dealt A,Q suited (hearts).
It is folded round to me.
I raise to £8 (happy to steal the blinds).
Small blind folds and the big blind calls.
The pot is now £17.
Flop - Q(s) K(h) 3(h).
My opponent has checked it to me.
I bet £8 again and he calls.
The pot is now £33.
Turn - 7(c).
My opponent checks to me again.
Now i have watched my opponent playing on this day and I have seen him go to countless showdowns with very weak hands, often middle pair.
So I lead out £19 and he calls.
Making the pot £71.
River - 10(d)
Now he checks it to me.
I have middle pair and I'm very unsure of his hand. I could check here and go to showdown. Checking is deffinately the right play about now. But i push all-in. £53.
He calls.
The pot is £177.
I turn my AQ wondering what he has called me with. Hoping he turns such a weak hand I have him beat.
He turns K,2 offsuit.
It sent me on "tilt" big time.

Now if you don't understand how he played this hand bad, let me explain...

K,2 offsuit. Is a weak hand for a number of reasons. If you hit your KING then you are losing to every other hand with a KING unless you hit 2 pair. Being offsuit then your odds are less to hit a flush. And just like hitting the K high flush, the only chance of getting a straight is if the board gives you that one card to a straight.

Now I am not saying you should never play this hand. But being out of position and to call a pre-flop raise with it, is very poor play. My opponent didn't try to bluff me once. He simply Check-Called me down to showdown.

My point - We all run into weak opponents who simply don't know what to do and how to play. In this blog I will teach you how to make every hand profitable against a weak opponent. I will teach you how to trap them, how to read them and most importantly how to become a winning player from them.

Thanks for reading.
Good luck people

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