Altough I don't like to play any other games than texas hold'em, I wanted to check out how to play some other games. I've played omaha before and it's quiet interesting. There is a little more thinking involved than in hold'em, but the rules are the same as everybody knows. The same is with pot limit hold'em. I dont't like it either so I play just no limit. The mixed game, well it is not my favourite, but I would love to give it a shot at because many games are so awsome and most people are not willing to try them. I think that Ville Wahlbeck did not played one hand quiet good in omaha. He called a raise with Q high 9 suited and 6 J offsuite. That is not the write way to play omaha as i know. I watched nanonoko playing omaha a while ago and he did not call such hands even if he was on the small blind to just call. He said to call with suited conectors but just if you have two times suited conectors, in this case it eas just one, Qd 9d. That is a hand worth folding no mather what the position is. I hope that I am wright about some things. I did not bother to comment the other games because I don't know much about them. Hope it's not to boring . See you at the tables!