Hey Everyone!

Its been a few weeks since my last post as I had to move 400 km away from home for work. I didn't get much a chance to play since I last posted however I've still got plenty to share. 

The bankroll had broke through the $100 barrier and I decided to celebrate by playing like an idiot haha. I logged on to Stars purely out of boredom and not because I wanted to grind. I opened up my usual number of tables at my current stakes and just got destroyed. 

I was chasing straights and flushes that math said I shouldn't. I was trying to push people out of pots with bigger bets than necessary and I was raising people with way less than a good holding. All of this because I was bored and wanted a little action. Needless to say the bankroll plummeted. 

Something tells me that this was one of those mistakes I had started making when I was previously playing higher stakes. So bascially what I've learned is don't play out of boredom. Its just not a good idea, you won't be playing your best game and its going to be reflected in your bankroll!

The second thing I'd like to post about is a much more positive thing. Making the tough fold. Sure my set of jacks was the nuts on the flop. But by the time the river came around and my oponent shoved its pretty obvious he made the straight. Obviously in the back of my mind I was thinking he could be bluffing. So I tanked. I asked myself a very important question that I feel a lot of microstakes players don't ask themselves. I asked, "Do I really think he's bluffing, or do I just want him to be bluffing?" I decided I wanted him to be bluffing, so I made a big laydown. Turns out he had made the straight and I saved myself a stack and a half. 

Obviously this is only one situation, but I know that before I would have just called him because I wanted him to be bluffing. I'm going to be spending a lot more time in the tank analyzing whether or not I really think my oponent has it before I make a huge call like that, and I think a lot of other microstakes players could benefit from doing the same. (Unless you're playing against me, I never have it so always call me down with nothing please )

Anyways, the bankroll is still below $100 even though I had an amazing half hour zoom session last night winning 4 stacks. Yay short term variance! I still have some serious grinding to do so I'm going to tear up that felt today. Have a good week everyone and good luck!

PS: I earned a stamp for a big bang on my last post. I have no idea what that means, but I'm extremely happy about it! Hurray us! (don't rain on my parade if it actually doesn't mean anything)