Seriously...Go Fish! Without fish the sharks wouldn't be able to eat. Let me tell you this week I was overfed. 

Hello Everyone! 

This is blog number 2 on my journey from the micros to the higher stakes. Incase anyone reading this skipped entry 1, my goal is to turn my $20 bankroll into a $2000 bankroll by the end of the summer. I'm doing this to relearn the basics of poker that I somehow forgot when I moved up in stakes before.

I noticed in a lot of the comments people felt my goal was too high. I completely respect your opinions and honestly I'm not sure if I'll make it myself, but I'm definitely going for a shoot for the moon and hopefully land among the stars approach here. I've found that it hasn't affected (effected?) my play at all in terms of trying to take down more pots or build big pots with less than premium hands. So with that temporarily out of the way...this weeks results.

Current bankroll: $71.80!!!

In just a week playing 2nl Zoom holdem and Omaha (plus a few $0.10 turbo SnG's) I've managed to more than triple the bankroll. I couldn't be more excited! This has been an amazing confidence boost, and the best possible way to start off this adventure. 

Actually the very first hand I played after anouncing the challenge I had my kings cracked by a total crap hand 5,8 off for the whole pot. Yes the guy shoved on me with 5,8 off and I called... ugh. But after that fishy (donkey?) play I realized how much money I could make off of these players long term. If only he had checked run it twice...

The players at 2nl that I've encountered simply don't know how to fold a hand. No matter how obvious you make it that they're beat, they just keep calling. Which is amazing for my bottom line. I've found that as long as you don't straight up put them all in (leaving them $0.20 in their stack keeps them happy) they will call you down with just about anything. So I've been labeling and colour coding people, experiencing the same results over and over again.

On top of the cash games, the micro 360-mans are so easy to cash in. Even if its just a min cash (which most of them were, althought I totally took down 2 of them for 1st) People are playing turbos like they are hypers and just shipping any hand that has a spade. If you just take your time and wait, its really easy to spot the player who you can push around, as well as the players that you can insta-call their shoves. 

Well this is already way longer than expected, so I'm going to cut it off now. Thanks for reading. I'm so pumped to keep this journey going (I know I can't expect results like this every week unfortunatley) but this week has just been amazing! I hope you guys had a great week as well!