This was in a $1 180 man


Here's my thought process behind it, I already typed this up once but pressed the back button

I have 24BB so I think "I have QQ great! But how shall I play them? I can 2.5x or 3x and if all of my opponents fold then at least I get the blinds to survive another round. If a tight opponent raises or shoves then its an easy fold, if they're a loose player then its an easy call. But what if they call? Then I would have to face a flop and what if a scare card comes? Well the table seems fairly loose so if I Shove then at least I've sure my decision is set in concrete. Worse case scenario I get called by better, but what are the chances of that? If everyone folds then hey, I get the blinds/antes and an ok chip up, if I get called by worse then it's like christmas!"

The above was my actual thought process maybe not word for word but close enough.

In retrospect I feel the only way I could have got away was if the opponent was tight, I bet and they shove. On a board like that even if it went bet - call or bet - 3bet - call I would still be getting the chips in.What do you guys think?

Was it a bad shove? Could I have kept most my chips? Was I thinking about it completely wrong?

PS. It's this stuff that gets to me, and whether or not I should be even thinking about it in the first place or just brush it off as simple variance. But with the help of you guys I should be able to get my mind on the right track