Hi guys, my name is Russell or Shamram. Now I'm not much of a blogger, but I want to be more active within the online poker community 





Ive come a long way since my last posts, and better view of the bigger picture(although still not the best). To be honest I don't think they reflect on me that well, but I'll keep them for reference.

My Short Lived Poker Story So Far 

I have been playing online poker for almost 4 years and truth be told, I've only ever really min cashed a Sunday Million Anniversary for $500. Since then I have withdrawn half to spend while while grinding the rest down to $150 while trying to get it back in cash games. I then went into a, not panic mode but more of a "wild mode" willing to try anything. so I went from tournaments to SnG's and more cash games of all variants and stakes. (sounds like a recipe for disaster already, eh?) long story short, you guessed it. I busted my roll.

What I didn't mention is that this genuinely spanned 3 and bit years. On most days I'm pretty solid regarding tilt but it's funny how a few off days can demolish your Bankroll.

There is an upside to all this and that is: after playing for so many years I feel like I have gained a wealth of knowledge, I don't know every percentage in the "odds book" but I think I know enough about the game to build a good strategy and make logical decisions.

Why am I here?

Well, as I said earlier I feel like I have gained a wealth of knowledge. With that though I also feel the more I learn, the more I'm second guessing my decisions which probably sounds great at first(I mean it's how better yourself, right?) but the thing is especially with variance involved, I feel like I made a good move, but was it necessarily the best move? could it have been avoided? I then I tend to beat myself about how I could have played it differently and ultimately ruining my experience of the game.

Take this hand for example: QQ Vs AA OOP

To conclude I want to learn to approach my decisions and all things in general with a more positive mental attitude and start taking steps towards being more confident on and off the tables.

Why Blog About it?

Why not?  Seriously though, I want to become more comfortable about sharing hands that trouble me, that way I can build a strong analysis on whether I made the right decision or not. Ultimately allowing me to learn better and enjoy the game more.

It also allows me to be part of a community, of which I will try and be an active member of.

So What Now?

I have deposited $50 that i have been running up and down for approximately the last month, suffice to say its still at $50. With the right attitude and game plan I hope to build this up to $60-$75 by playing 25c 90 man's then to $150+ playing $1 180's.

I feel this will give me enough of a choice on what games I want to play, speaking of which, I like heads up and 6-max Hyper-turbo SnG's and this would be my game of choice but because of variance I don't mind playing regular Multi-Table SnG's and although it's not my main choice, I do feel good about them when I reach the final table 

once I reach $250+ I don't know whether to continue with Multi-Table Sng's and play something like the $4.50 180's or play $1.50 hypers, OR both? What do you guys think?

Final Thoughts

I will start up a new database and keep you updated weekly on bankroll progress. I will also post hands that I struggle with in a separate blog post with my thoughts as to why I played them.

Please note that this is my first blog in a long time and even then I don't think I can call it a "proper blog" so please leave feedback in the comments along with and questions you have. I will either reply to you directly or update this post and answer in a QnA style.