I dont know if its bad luck or bad beat but I have never won a single hand with set of As. My set of A's have lost 10 times easily as I remember.

Whenever I get a pair of A's and I see an A on the flop, I know that I'm going to lose this hand at any cost. 

Not only that, if I get an A and I get to see 2 A's on the flop then also I'm sure that I'm going to lose this hand.

1. I had pair of As with me and I raised 4 times the big blind. Everyone folded except the big blind. He had 3 4 same suit. Flop came A K 5 (K and 5 same suited) and looking at flop I was sure that I can easily win the pot. I raised 3/4 of the pot stating I have a strong hand. But he called my bet and next card was 6 but not flush card. I again bet huge thinking he is chashing a flush draw. He again called my bet and it was 2 but not flush card. I checked and he moved all - in. I was confused and was thinking what he must be holding now. I put him on flush draw or pair of Ks. If its pair of Ks then he has made a set of K's with the flop and that is the reason he is calling me. I put him on flush draw too. As there were 2 suited cards on the flop but the move of all - in is not making any sense to me. He must be sure that I have something very strong that is the reason I'm raising the bet 3/4 pot size. I can not lay down my set of A's.

I called hoping I will see a set of K's. But it was a straight draw with 2 3 4 5 6. He was chashing a flush draw but ended up with straight.

10 or more times losing with set of A's can not be bad play. I can only name it bad luck