I'm pretty sure that I just fell victim to what those in the game call a 'bad beat'. Heads up against one opponent, I was holding AdKd in hand and down comes a flop of three low diamonds. My opponent goes all in, so assuming he likely also had a diamond flush, maybe JQ, though obviously not as high as mine, I follow suit and move all in too for about $6 (bear in mind I'm playing $0.03/0.06 stakes here, so we're talking more than 200BB in the pot at this point). It finally comes to the showdown and I'm looking at the pot and thinking about doubling up, only for my opponents cards to turn over and show a low straight flush. My heart sinks and I quickly close the window, knowing there's no way I can continue playing for cash and make rational decisions after such a loss.

Seeing as I knew I wouldn't be able to play for cash this evening in this frame of mind, I've started pushing forward with the Bankroll Builder program. I've been playing some games for play money and identified one or two hands that highlight areas I think I may need help with. It seems as though playing for play money it's difficult to actually get more than a couple of hands that can actually be used reliably for assessing your game, which brings me to my next gripe for the day...

...The most frustrating thing about playing for play money is that the other players are so unpredictable...and not in a good way. A good player being unpredictable can obviously be an advantage, but those playing with play money are unpredictable in that they'll go all in with 72o and a flop of over cards, then somehow chance upon a couple of sevens on the turn and river, blowing your pocket aces out of the water.

Anyways, I've had enough of a moan for today and my bankroll is hurting, so until next time, when I'll hopefully be in a better mood...!



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